Yogi Tea Rest (17 bags)

Yogi Tea Rest (17 bags)
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Yogi Tea Rest (17 bags)

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Yogi Tea Buy Calm (17 sachets)

Finding peace in the midst of these restless times, bringing the noise of the world to a standstill, turning excitement into serenity - this is what plants are able to teach: In tranquility, the linden blossoms sway in the trees. In peace, the Kamillflowers greet us from the meadows. In peace the fruits of the fennel grow and in peace the sweet-smelling seeds of the cardamom ripen. Tranquility and slowness with their wonderful herbs define the life of all plants and the essence in this gentle tea. The subtle message of this tea is, "Peace and the stillness of center."

Linden Blossoms

Not only do bees love them, but humans have long appreciated the benefits of linden blossoms. The delicate blossoms of the linden tree, native to Europe, open in June. They exude an aromatic fragrance, taste slightly sweet and contain valuable essential oils.


The rosehip, a member of the rose family, bears bright red fruits containing many small nuts. It grows wild throughout Europe and Asia, preferably in direct sunlight. Depending on when they are harvested, rose hips taste tart to slightly sweet.


For the Germanic tribes it was sacred, for the Egyptians it was the flower of the sun god Re: the white feathered Kamille with its bright yellow flowers. Kamille is a herbaceous plant whose typical fragrance is probably familiar to everyone. Its flowers taste slightly bitter and pleasantly mild.


Fennel belongs to the Familieu of umbelliferae and has been popular around the Gl obus for thousands of years because of its intense aroma. It originates from the Mediterranean region and its sweet and spicy taste is reminiscent of aniseed.


Hibiscus, here and there also called marshmallow, originally comes from the tropics and is today, in addition to its beauty, especially appreciated for its pleasantly fruity, sweet-sour tasting flowers. Thanks to its strikingly large flowers, it can be found in many European gardens.


Alfalfa is also widely known as alfalfa, which in turn translates from Arabic as "father of all food." The flowering period is from June to September. The taste is subtly nutty and aromatic-spicy.


Pour 250 ml of boiling water over the tea bag and steep for about 6-7 minutes (longer for a stronger flavor).


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