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Anyone who thinks that women's tea bears this name because women tend to prefer certain tea aromas is mistaken. Of course, the women's teas from our range taste very good, but their function is not least important. If you buy women's tea from Teedose, then bring tea into the house, which can help with menstrual cycle problems, for example - or with regression after pregnancy. Ayurvedic tea blends based on the teachings of Ayurveda medicinal herbs are used especially for the types of tea that are intended to support the female cycle. These herbs can have a supportive effect if you drink them regularly as a tea, not just during the menstrual phase. Only then can they have an effect.

Women's tea - good for irregular menstrual cycles or for regression

An important thing about post-natal tea: you shouldn't take it while you're pregnant, by the way. Our recovery tea is made from herbs such as lemon balm, lady's mantle and shepherd's purse and has a cleansing effect and is also emotionally empowering. You can achieve a good effect if you combine this tea with recovery oil. In terms of taste, our teas that support your cycle have a wider range. Here there are more fruity variants that taste like notes of raspberries, lemon verbena and lemon balm, supported by cardamom, lavender and thyme. Other varieties shine with an aromatic variety that has several properties at the same time. For example, the tea can taste hot and sweet at the same time, create an inner warmth and be quite penetrating. The brewing time of our teas is indicated on the packs or on the tea bags.