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Many of us are already afraid in summer and autumn of the dark and cold time that is imminent and casts its long shadow by November at the latest: Winter knocks at the door. But humans are creatures of habit, so far we have survived every winter well. Sometimes it gets really icy and uncomfortable, then another mild winter is imminent, and now and then – like every winter before – there is even a lot of snow. And what would a day like that be when we were out sledding, ice skating or skiing, running through the creaking snow and throwing snowballs without a nice cup of tea to make when we get back home in the heat?

It gets really cozy with winter tea

An aromatic tea strengthens our immune system and helps us to relax. The power of good taste should not be underestimated, and the rule of thumb is that what tastes good is good for us. In this respect, you have a free choice of Christmas tea in our range, with us you will find winter herbal tea, full-bodied fruit tea and even teas that have been composed of tasty spices such as cinnamon tea. The time your tea needs to steep can be found on the package or the label on the tea bag. It is advisable to follow this information so that the tea can develop its full aroma. By the way, winter teas are not only excellent and mood-enhancing for your own use, but also always a nice gift idea for Advent or Christmas.