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The color range of teas is limited to "green" and "black", isn't it? Not even close. Because there is also white tea - a type that you rarely find on the shelf in the supermarket. But because this variety has its justification, we at teedose.ch have considered including white tea in our range. If you buy white tea from teedose.ch, you can look forward to a variety that will surprise you in many ways - especially since white tea was not only used as a drink in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, but also as a remedy. Because it is said to have a lot of properties that are beneficial to our health.

White tea: healthy and natural

White tea can prevent cancer and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The drink can lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, and this is not least due to the fact that white tea is produced more gently and more naturally than any other type of tea. And what about the aroma? This is second to none, a pleasant, natural sweetness gives it a mild, gentle taste that is reminiscent of almonds and honey. This tea is not bitter at all, on the contrary, when you take the first sip, you can look forward to a harmonious taste. Does white tea have a calming or stimulating effect? Clearly stimulating because it even contains significantly more caffeine than coffee. However, the effect is gentler, but lasts longer. Because white tea acts on the central nervous system, our ability to concentrate is increased in a mild way.