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It is well known that people should drink between two and three liters of liquid a day. If a fruit juice spritzer slips in here and there, that's no problem - even if the fruit juice contains calories. However, by far not as many as alcoholic beverages, which of course do not count towards the two to three liters of liquid. So if you want to lose weight, it's a good idea to just stick to water. However, if you like having some flavor in the water, then tea is for you. Not only that tea has no superfluous calories (unless you sweeten it with sugar or honey). There are also certain types of tea that support the weight loss process.

Slimming tea: herbs are always good

The types of tea that promote weight loss definitely include ginger tea, green tea, matcha and white tea. However, these are strains that some of us are not particularly fond of drinking. You will find delicious mate tea in our range, which is mixed with spices and herbs and suppresses the appetite. The metabolism also benefits from this drink, which in turn promotes the burning of body fat. A little tip: If you let the mate tea cool down, it tastes just as good and gives the mentioned metabolism an extra kick. In general, herbal tea is always a good choice when it comes to shedding pounds. There is nothing to be said against it if other flavors are also included, such as orange or other fruits. Birch and nettle leaves are also helpful when dieting.