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The vervain - often also verbena or verbena - is a plant originally from South America that is excellent as a tea variety. Verbena is related to our native verbena, but the difference could hardly be greater. Because while verbena contains a lot of tannins and bitter substances, which noticeably cloud the aroma, verbena is very aromatic and even smells fruity like lemon. In addition, verbena contains a lot of essential oils, which is not the case with verbena. Incidentally, Vervene tea is very popular in France, where the plant also thrives under ideal conditions. When you buy Vervene tea from, you open up a world full of wonderful aromas and a tea for all situations and times of the day.

Vervene tea is fresh and mild

Herbal tea is always something fine, but if there are a few other flavor nuances inherent in it, the tea becomes something very special. It is the same with Vervene. The lemony smell also carries over to the taste of the tea, which has a refreshing effect in the morning. Verbena tea is also a great drink during the day, and in the evening the herbs have a calming effect. You can enjoy Vervene tea hot or cool it down and drink it as iced tea. The tea is said to have an effect that helps against constipation, promotes overall digestion and stimulates the appetite. In France, especially in the south, this tea is often and happily drunk - and the people there sometimes even refine it with a bit of fresh lavender, which gives it a wonderful note.