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A cold is always a nuisance, no matter what time of year it catches us. However, over the millennia we humans have developed strategies for how we can at least feel a little better in the event of an illness, even if we cannot protect ourselves 100 percent. And tea plays a not insignificant role in this. Because many types of tea are predestined to give us relief, for example by loosening the mucus, which makes it easier for us to cough up or the sinuses are simply cleared faster. Chamomile tea is always a good tip, but after a few days it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate yourself to have another pot. A good option is liquorice tea, but after a few days with this aroma, we probably feel the same way – you want to drink something different.

Thyme tea: an excellent alternative when you have a cold

If you buy thyme tea from, you have a perfect alternative to chamomile or liquorice tea in your hands. Because thyme tea also helps with a runny nose and congested bronchi. This tea is worth its weight in gold, especially if you have a tough cough, because thyme loosens the mucus and definitely brings a welcome change in taste. If the flavor is perhaps a bit too spicy, simply add a teaspoon of honey per cup after steeping - information on how to do this can be found on the packaging - this not only sweetens but also helps to loosen the mucus. The healing power that thyme has is thus additionally supported. Incidentally, people have been using the aroma and effects of thyme for 5,000 years.