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Not everyone likes tea, that's the way it is. But many reject the hot drink on the grounds that it is only colored water. Of course, if you only steep tea for a minute or two, you'll get a result that neither looks particularly inviting nor tastes good. However, those who accept the brewing time to be observed and are open to flavors beyond the run-of-the-mill varieties can look forward to a special kind of taste experience in most cases. When you buy spiced tea from teedose.ch, immerse yourself in the world of aromas that a good tea offers. Let yourself be carried away and surprised by wonderful spices that turn a cup of tea into a special treat.

Spiced tea provides a special taste experience

One thing in advance: These types of tea are generally not suitable for children (here it is better to try a fruit tea or a mint tea). Because spiced tea is not just called that, it is really spicy, and the flavorings it contains are actually – spices! Ginger and cinnamon are used here, but also unusual tea ingredients such as cloves or black pepper. You don't necessarily need a sweetener for spiced tea, but these varieties taste even better if you add a dash of milk to the cup after steeping. Spiced tea works best if you brew the bag with freshly boiled water and let it steep for about seven to eight minutes. And if you do want to sweeten it, it's best to just use a few pieces of candy sugar.