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The challenges that we have to master at work and in everyday life are extensive. And not infrequently we feel overwhelmed by it, we take negative things home with us from work and worry and worry when we are lying in bed in the evening or at night and should actually be sleeping. But that intensifies the problem, because if we are not rested and bleary-eyed the next day, not only our performance deteriorates, but also our dealings with our fellow human beings. And not only in the office, but also at home with our loved ones. The best solution is to first get a good night's sleep and gather strength - that makes it much easier to solve problems.

Sleeping tea for a peaceful night

In order not to have to use the wooden hammer method straight away, sleeping tea is an excellent idea. Sleeping tea always draws directly on what nature offers, i.e. on certain plants and herbs that have a calming effect on us. This includes, for example, valerian and lemon balm, but also hops, passion flower or lavender. Usually it is not only the essential oils of these herbs or plants that have an effect, but also the flavonoids they contain. Incidentally, essential oils can evaporate during the steeping time, which is why it is advisable to cover the teacup during this time. With sleeping tea from our range, you will be better able to switch off in the evening and immerse yourself in a quiet phase of the day - this also makes it much easier to fall asleep later in the evening. You have a free choice of aroma in our range.