Sirocco Matcha organic (15 bags)

Sirocco Matcha Bio (15 Beutel)
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Sirocco Matcha organic (15 bags)

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Sirocco Buy Matcha Organic (15 bags)

Our Matcha comes from the main island of Honshū, from Shizuoka Prefecture. The region is known as the center of the Japanese tea trade. The special soil conditions, coupled with a special climate, distinguish this region and allow the plants to thrive fantastically. The result is a mild, but highly aromatic cup, which is carried by a fine sweetness. Only the best leaves from the first harvest are selected for Matcha. This quality is also used ceremonially in matcha tea. After two to three weeks of shading, the tea leaves shine in magnificent green. As soon as they are picked, the leaf stalks and veins are carefully sorted out of all the tea leaves. This tea, now called "tencha", is ground into the finest powder in a slowly rotating granite mill. In one hour, just the amount of a small can is produced - about 30 grams. The bright green tea powder is immediately packed airtight to guarantee freshness. Like all our teas, the organic matcha is tested for possible residues such as heavy metals or radioactivity (in Falle of Japan). Enjoy the intense and fresh taste of green tea leaves combined with a silky smooth finish.

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