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The world of green tea is incredibly diverse. We know about 1,500 varieties of this plant alone, and Sencha is just one of them. However, one that has it all. If you buy Sencha tea from, you will experience a type of tea that has a very intense aroma and is therefore also popular with many tea drinkers who otherwise do not have much to do with green tea. In contrast to other types of tea, Sencha tea is made the “Japanese way” by gently steaming the leaves. This method is quite laborious, but makes the drink particularly valuable. The other way of making tea is the «Chinese way», in which the tea leaves are processed by heating and roasting them in a pan.

Sencha tea: intense in taste

But back to Sencha: For some time now, more and more people here in Switzerland have been enjoying the intensive aroma that Sencha tea brings to the cup. With us you have the choice between tea bags and loose tea. It is not only the rich taste that makes this tea so special, but also the fact that Sencha can be cooled immediately and drunk as iced tea speaks for this type of tea. If you are preparing a Sencha tea, you should let the boiled water cool down a little before infusing the tea, 80 to 85 degrees is ideal (the water takes about eight to ten minutes to cool down to this value). The brewing time for loose tea should not be longer than one minute, 30 seconds are sufficient for the second infusion. The natural caffeine makes Sencha an ideal drink to start the day.