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Roiboos - also called Rotbusch in German-speaking countries - is a plant that is native to distant South Africa. The tea is made from the dried branches of this shrub, it usually tastes very intense and has been very popular in Switzerland for many years. It would be difficult to explain the aroma of Roiboos tea to someone who has never enjoyed this hot drink - the taste is too unique. When you buy Roiboos tea from, you are not just getting a highly aromatic tea, the scent of which alone spreads a wonderful atmosphere. No, roiboos tea is also considered healthy, in many ways. But before we get to the healthy aspects, let's dispel the myth that tea helps you fall asleep.

Roiboos tea is good for arteriosclerosis and high cholesterol

Although rooibos tea does not contain caffeine, this does not make it sleep-inducing. The antioxidant effect of the flavonoids it contains has been proven, but whether it protects against cancer - as the saying goes - has not yet been finally clarified. And the claim that roiboos tea provides nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and potassium is not wrong, but the amount is negligible. However, a scientific study from South Africa showed that rooiboos tea can lower high cholesterol levels and prevent arteriosclerosis - and thus cardiovascular diseases. An invaluable advantage, beyond the health aspects, is the wonderful taste of this tea, which you can buy from us as a tea bag or as loose tea. Roiboos is poured with boiling water, the brewing time should be at least seven minutes.