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There's never really anything wrong with a bit of relaxation. On this point we should all agree. Work and everyday life often take more of a toll on us than we want to admit, and leisure time doesn't always mean “free time” either. The nerves begin to flutter when this state lasts longer than is good for us. Often we look for relaxation by traveling far away or taking a trip into nature. Of course, these are great measures, but they cannot always be integrated into – see above – everyday life. So we have to think a category smaller and take breaks as we can. And a cup of good, relaxing tea can help with that. In many cases, the favorite taste helps, but there is also relaxation tea made from plants with a calming effect.

Relaxation tea: take your time

Valerian, for example, is said to have a relaxing effect, which is why this plant is often found in relaxation teas. Chamomile - otherwise wrongly often only drunk as a tea when you have a cold - is extremely calming and contributes to a relaxed moment. The same goes for lemon balm and lavender. But one thing should go without saying. If you want to relax with a cup of tea, then it doesn't help much to drink the hot drink between the door and hinge. Take your time, try to switch off. Your body is usually telling you what you need, and when you're feeling stressed, take your body's warning seriously. In combination with a calming bath, relaxation tea works twice as well.