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If you buy peppermint tea from, you will receive a well-known herbal tea with an aroma that you remember from your childhood. A tea to drink when your nose is running or your throat is sore, when it's cold and stormy outside. None of this is wrong - and yet it is easy to overlook that peppermint as a tea has so many more facets. Of course, in the cold times of the year, a hot cup of tea is always a welcome warming. However, the hot tea water has more to do with this circumstance than the peppermint. This has a rather cooling effect, and people in the hot countries of North Africa take advantage of this even in summer.

Peppermint tea - a real miracle cure

Peppermint has the property of dilating the human blood vessels, which also makes extreme heat easier to bear. If it's hot outside, peppermint tea helps by drinking it in small portions - and not from larger cups, as we are used to in Switzerland. However, this tea is not only valuable against both cold and heat, but also as an external remedy to relieve symptoms. If you rub your forehead and temples with a large amount of cool peppermint tea, you have a proven remedy for headaches at hand. And not only as a hot drink does the tea help against cold symptoms of all kinds; Peppermint is also effective when inhaled. The essential oils clear the sinuses. Last but not least, the tea has a positive effect on digestion and eliminates gastrointestinal problems.