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A good cup of tea always transports us to another world. As soon as the aroma of the tea hits our noses, we associate the scent with certain situations or regions. It's the same with orange blossom tea. When its brewing time of up to ten minutes is coming to an end and the smell is getting more and more intense, then you can feel reminded of Mediterranean regions. When you buy orange blossom tea from, you get the best tea quality from the most well-known manufacturers. It is important to us that we only offer high-quality products in our range. The orange is suitable for a round, aromatic tea like hardly any other fruit, and orange blossom tea has the invaluable advantage that you can enjoy it both freshly brewed - i.e. hot - or chilled to refrigerator temperature.

Orange blossom tea: hot and cold a real treat

Orange blossom tea, for example, can be based on herbal tea, a green tea blend, chamomile tea or another variety. Of course, depending on the base, there is a different taste in the background, and that is exactly what makes orange blossom tea so exciting. The prerequisite for a balanced, harmonious and intense tea is that neither the basic aroma pushes the orange into the background, nor does the orange push the existing basic aroma. In addition to dried orange blossoms, orange blossom tea often also contains dried pieces of orange or orange peel. As already indicated above, the tea can be steeped longer, it can be five to ten minutes. For the perfect orange blossom tea, the water should only have cooled down slightly after boiling.