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Never heard of oolong tea? Then it's probably because this variety is a bit lost in our latitudes between the large assortment of black tea and green tea varieties. Oolong is really worth an experience if you otherwise like to drink green or black tea. Because the taste of this tea is somewhere between the other two varieties, where exactly depends on how much the tea leaves are oxidized. This tea tastes good either way. When you buy oolong tea from teedose.ch, you are not least holding a product in your hand that looks back on a unique history.

Oolong tea: unique story

This tea does not come from India, China or Japan, but from the island of Taiwan. Thousands of years ago, the tea leaves were folded there in such a way that they resembled small kites. In Taiwan (formerly Formosa), people christened the tea "wu long", which means "black dragon". And over time, the term “oolong” developed from “wu long”. In addition to Taiwan, Indonesia, Nepal and China are now also producing very good Oolong tea. In our online shop you can order Oolong as a tea bag or as loose tea, all varieties have different degrees of intensity in taste and rely on the finest secondary aromas such as almonds and hazelnuts, collards and roasted walnuts, sweet almonds and honey or floral fruits. Only here and that does a slightly bitter note shimmer through, which rounds off the aroma and makes it perfect. Do not pour boiling water over oolong tea, but let it cool down to 85 to 90 degrees for a few minutes.