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A good tea always makes you happy. All the better, however, if a tea can also have a satiating effect. This is exactly the case with breastfeeding tea - not for the breastfeeding mother, but for the baby. Because breastfeeding tea not only has a beneficial effect on the mother thanks to its fine composition of various herbs and plants - such as anise, fennel, caraway, marjoram, dill or lemon balm - but also has practical benefits from the baby's point of view that go beyond this mother's feel-good factor: The tea stimulates the production of breast milk. This not only ensures an even nicer and closer bond between mother and child, but also ensures that your baby can drink to its full and happily.

Breastfeeding tea stimulates the production of breast milk

Of course you can also consume breastfeeding tea if your body produces enough breast milk on its own. Because the supporting effect is good for you too and gives your body back important substances that you lose through breastfeeding. You don't have to worry about overdosing on fennel, anise & Co. - even if you drink up to three cups of breastfeeding tea a day. Incidentally, this is the amount recommended by most producers. Click through our range of breastfeeding teas and spontaneously decide which tea you particularly like. The recommended brewing times and details on how hot the water should be when infusing can be found on the packaging or the label on the tea bag. You can sweeten any tea with honey, for example, if aniseed, caraway and the like are a little too bitter for you, but all varieties actually taste very tasty and they are absolutely wholesome.