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Tea made from a variety of mint is extremely popular around the world. In Switzerland, we immediately think of peppermint tea, and this is certainly the most common - and we like to drink it on every occasion. A cup of mint tea goes well with breakfast, regardless of whether the breakfast is hearty or sweet. During work, a cup of mint tea not only unfolds its invigorating effect and ensures well-being - no, it simply tastes good and the menthol provides the ideal refreshment even if you want to enjoy the tea hot. If you buy mint tea from, feel free to experiment a little, because we are by no means limited to one type of mint.

Mint tea has many different flavors

Peppermint - of course the classic - is considered the hottest of these varieties because it contains the most menthol. With half a teaspoon of honey, you can counteract this spiciness, so that children will quickly find a taste for it. But the variety of mint is far from exhausted. Whether matcha with mint, Moroccan mint, several mint varieties mixed, green tea with mint or mint with Monarda (that's bergamot): the aroma is always different, but the minty component is the basis on which all varieties are based. In search of new and exciting mint tea varieties, we regularly expand our range. We make sure that the mint tea comes only from selected manufacturers who stand for quality and sophistication. Mint tea tastes good all year round and leaves nothing to be desired.