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Mate tea originally comes from South America, but in recent years the drink has also spread to Europe and Switzerland. In our online shop you can buy mate tea in tea bags, as loose tea or in a pre-infused state - i.e. ready to drink. Mate tea is not only available pure, but also with flavors such as pomegranate, lemongrass, cranberry, ginger or mint. Of course, this does not change the positive effects that mate tea is said to have, more on that in the next section. When you buy mate tea from, you get the flavors of South America in your teacup, ranging from bitter to sweet and from earthy to refreshing. Last but not least, mate tea contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and C - and many other valuable substances as well.

Matee has many positive properties

For example, there are the tannins it contains, which have a stimulating and invigorating effect. Mate tea is also considered diuretic and diaphoretic, it is said to stimulate the production of gastric juice and thereby stimulate digestion. And last but not least, it satisfies the feeling of hunger, which is why many people like it as an aperitif. Taken about an hour before a meal, you then hold back when eating. All in all, not only does the metabolism benefit from mate tea, but also the nerves and muscles. Incidentally, the tannins – in combination with the tannic acid it also contains – are ideal for using mate tea externally. For example, the infusion is said to help with skin diseases that cause inflammation. The astringent characteristics of the tannins are responsible for this. In South America, mate tea is also considered the epitome of sociability.