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When you buy matcha tea from, you get a wonderful drink at home, of the highest quality and with an extraordinary taste. Matcha promotes health, wakes you up in the morning (also at other times of the day, of course) and looks quite unusual in terms of color - at least compared to tea. This is because Matcha is not a tea in the traditional sense, i.e. not an infusion. Rather, the tea leaves are ground, giving them their bright green color. An extract of the leaves is produced, which is dissolved with hot water. This in turn means that significantly more ingredients in the tea leaves find their way into the drink. And this is what gives the matcha tea its wonderful color and intense aroma.

Matchatee for blends of all kinds

Match tea contains caffeine, which gives the drink an effect similar to that of coffee. However, tea made from matcha leaves is not only drinkable, but also extremely versatile in the kitchen, for example to mix it with other drinks. So you can enrich lemonades, cocktails or smoothies with tea made from Matcha, which not only gives these drinks a great taste, but also a wonderful appearance thanks to the rich green of the Matcha. But the drinks are far from over. Matcha tea can also be used for pasta sauces, such as pesto. Matcha is also suitable as a salad dressing. Matcha tea goes particularly well with sweet dishes, it gives ice cream creations, desserts, chocolate and cakes a pretty appearance and refines the aroma in a sophisticated way.