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Welcome to the wonderful world of sensual taste. The types of tea that you can buy from us as love teas are of course not aphrodisiacs, but they create a wonderful atmosphere that is also beneficial for intimate togetherness. First and foremost, love tea ensures that a pleasant atmosphere is created in which we feel particularly comfortable and in which our hearts can warm up. Of course, the taste also plays a major role, which, depending on the variety, can be herbal and fine or fruity and fresh. And because love always goes through the stomach, the love tea varieties from our range are ideal with wonderful desserts after a sumptuous meal, but also with a piece of cake or tart in the afternoon, with sweets or biscuits.

Love tea for sensual moments

Last but not least, love tea is a great accompaniment to Christmas cookies, which supports the aromatic facets of the Güetzli. Depending on the variety, this tea conjures up a wonderful color in the teacup, from delicate ivory to rich orange to sensuous red, everything is there. Just the sight of these beautiful color nuances lifts the mood and thus the sensual atmosphere. Whether a mixture of rose blossoms, the herbal tea mixture or more unusual aromas: only high-quality plants are processed. Speaking of more offbeat flavors, you must try the flavor blend of rose, chamomile and lavender, an overwhelmingly sensual aroma. However, the combination of mango, purple carrot and chili is in no way inferior to it. The brewing time for each variety is stated on the packaging or on the label attached to the tea bag.