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Anyone who suffers from a cold, flu or congested airways, which lead to massive coughing fits and make breathing difficult, usually uses the tried and tested chamomile tea for tea. Mixed with honey, it actually helps quite well in such a case, and you can also prepare an inhalation with fresh chamomile (or chamomile tea in tea bags) to free the airways. However: It is the same as with all things that you have to eat or drink over several days. Even the best chamomile tea with the most intense taste will eventually become boring. But the incredibly diverse world of teas still has an ace up its sleeve.

Licorice tea: ideal for getting rid of mucus

If you buy liquorice tea from, then you have a tried and tested remedy at home when it comes to lastingly loosening the phlegm of a cold. The root from which this tea is made has an anti-inflammatory effect, it liquefies the phlegm and thus contributes significantly to the expectoration function. However, the root has not only an antiviral, but also an antiulcerogenic effect, which makes it difficult for ulcers to form. Above all, this prevents the formation of ulcers in the duodenum and in the stomach, but in many cases it also protects us from inflamed gastric mucosa (i.e. from gastritis). You get the ideal liquorice tea if you cover the tea bag with freshly boiled water and let it steep for five to seven minutes. The exact time can be found on the respective variety. You don't have to sweeten the tea, the liquorice root lives up to its name and is naturally sweet enough.