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Lavender can look back on a long cultural history in Europe. Five millennia ago, people used lavender flowers as an additive to their bath water to take advantage of the calming effects of this plant. Especially in the evening, before going to bed, it relieves nervousness and restlessness and can thus ensure a deep and restful sleep. We have long valued the antispasmodic properties of lavender, which promise relief from gastrointestinal upsets, such as constipation or flatulence. The essential oils in the flowers are responsible for these positive properties. The tannins it contains also support the organism in terms of digestion. If you buy lavender tea from, you are not only taking care of well-being and relaxation - the aromatic component also leaves nothing to be desired.

Lavender tea: sweet in fragrance, tart in taste

Everyone knows the scent that blooming lavender spreads. This odor is a feast for the sense of smell, overwhelming and engaging. If you prepare a lavender tea, then you should not take this scent as a benchmark, because the infusion actually tastes tart to bitter and is reminiscent of rosemary. The color of the tea shimmers in a golden yellow, to sweeten it is best to use honey. For a good cup of lavender tea, take a tea bag and pour 150 to 200 ml of boiling water over it. Unlike many other varieties, lavender tolerates this heat well. Leave the sachet in the cup for ten to fifteen minutes to get an intense aroma.