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If you've always wondered how jasmine tea - a variety of green tea - is made, here's the answer: Take dried green tea and add fresh jasmine flowers. Of course, the mixture has to be treated further until the flowers are also ready to be infused. This is done using a special steaming process. As a rule, only Japanese green tea is steamed, but in this case Chinese tea producers also use this method to treat the jasmine blossoms as gently as possible. Jasmine plants are native to southern China, where they exude an intoxicating scent. If you buy jasmine tea from teedose.ch, you will capture this aroma with a cup of tea and enjoy the floral smell and the exquisite taste.

Jasmine tea: really flowery in smell and taste

If you're not a fan of green tea because you might find it too bitter, then you'll love jasmine tea. The aroma is stimulating, lovely and as elegant as only a good tea can be. But this also includes the perfect preparation. It should be one sachet per cup (not per pot) or, if you opt for loose tea, one teaspoon per cup. The water you use for the infusion should be heated to 70 to a maximum of 80 degrees, it must not boil or have boiled. As far as steeping is concerned, it's up to you - for many jasmine tea drinkers the perfect aroma is only reached after four minutes, for others after two minutes. After more than four minutes, there is a risk that the tea will become too bitter.