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Tea is so fascinating not least because you don't need a special occasion to prepare a good cup of this hot drink. Or you can simply create the occasion yourself. Sometimes we feel stressed and need the right tea to relax, sometimes we want to be stimulated. And for this occasion we have put together teas for you on this page that are invigorating and make you fit - and are therefore more suitable for drinking in the morning or during the day. For example at breakfast, in the morning or in the afternoon, for example after a meal instead of an espresso.

Invigorating tea is a popular drink in the morning and during work

Because not everyone likes coffee or espresso, which is why an invigorating tea is exactly the right choice. This also applies to in between, when you feel a little tired. The tea contains various ingredients that are stimulating, such as theine and tannins. But essential oils are also quite invigorating. Incidentally, theine is relatively similar to caffeine, but a little more digestible. Theine is particularly found in white tea, oolong tea, green tea and black tea. In our range you will find invigorating tea in a wide variety of variants and from the best-known manufacturers. With stimulating teas like these, the brewing time is particularly important. If the steeping time specified on the packaging or on the tea bag is exceeded, the tea may lose its invigorating effect and instead have a calming effect. But that varies from variety to variety - and it's not the same for everyone.