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We humans have gotten used to making the enjoyment of cold and hot drinks dependent on the outside temperature. Lemonade and soft drinks from the fridge? Only when it's warm. Infusion drinks like tea? Only in autumn and winter, of course. Well, for many an iced tea may taste better if you enjoy it in milder weather - on the other hand: Isn't it true, especially in nutritional science, that you should always eat what you feel like? And so isn't it absolutely fine, for example, to drink iced tea when you feel like it, even when it's freezing cold outside? The answer is yes, of course it's okay. Especially if it is one of the aromatic varieties from our range.

Ice tea: a drink for every season

Apart from the fact that it tastes good all year round, ice tea has the invaluable advantage that it comes in countless flavors. When you buy iced tea from, you have the choice between a wide range of flavors - including, for example, Magic Lemon, Berry Red or Orange Ginger. You will also find more unusual varieties in our range, such as Pina Colada or a mixture of blueberries, apples and black currants. There is also watermelon with mint and strawberry or passion fruit with mango and blood orange. The South American variant of mate, which is preferred in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, has been very popular for some time. You can also get mate iced tea from us in various flavors, such as pomegranate and lemongrass. Of course we expand our offer regularly.