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Can you drink nature? Generally, yes. Because the green tea from our range is tea that is largely untreated, with all its taste, its ingredients, the vitalizing caffeine and the outstanding effect. Green tea is the art of tea at the highest level, perfected over 5,000 years in the Far East and now rightly popular all over the world. In our online shop you can order loose green tea or green tea in tea bags. When you buy green tea from, immerse yourself in the fantastic, diverse and nuanced world of green tea, which has fascinated people for five millennia.

Green tea from the most well-known manufacturers

We only stock green tea from the best and most well-known tea brands, such as Chanoyu, Sirocco, Herboristeria, Yogi Tea, Pukka or Cupper. In those regions where green tea comes from, it is considered the source of youth and the healthiest drink in general. It is said to detoxify, prevent cancer and strengthen the heart and circulation, as well as form new cells - for example in the brain - and thus improve thinking skills. In addition, this tea can prevent dementia, as green tea fights the protein deposits that are considered to be the triggers for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. When preparing the tea, you should let the boiling water sit for a short time (about a minute) before you pour the tea over it. Depending on your taste, let the green tea steep for at least one, but no more than five minutes. If you want to experiment with taste, you have the option of choosing a variety with a second aroma, such as ginger, lime or lemon.