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You have to put it this way: When it comes to ginger tea, opinions differ. While some criticize the aroma and spiciness, others find exactly that combination exciting. That's the way it is, there's no arguing about taste, and you don't necessarily have to start with tea. But even if you're not a fan and maybe won't be a fan anymore, there are plenty of good reasons to drink ginger tea. Because the range of positive effects on health is considerable. If you don't like the pure taste of ginger, then take a look at our range. When you buy ginger tea at, you have the option of choosing flavor blends, such as ginger with lemon, lemongrass, lime or orange.

Ginger tea: tasty and good for colds

And the effect? Ginger tea is ideal for symptoms of a cold, as it relieves respiratory problems, hoarseness and coughing. The contained antioxidants strengthen the immune system at the same time. As a natural blood thinner, ginger ensures that the red blood cells in the body circulate better. In addition, ginger can dissolve the deposits of fats in the arteries. Since the plant can also have an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect, many women drink ginger tea for menstrual problems. And if you have eaten too much, take a cup of ginger tea to help digestion, as the ingredients stimulate the production of digestive fluid. Last but not least, the tea occasionally helps with external problems - such as skin injuries or athlete's foot. Bathing the affected areas in lukewarm water infused with ginger often relieves symptoms.