fennel tea

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Many people see fennel tea primarily as a drink that is beneficial to health. And of course this assumption is absolutely correct, but it is pushed aside a little that fennel tea can also taste really good - if you prepare it correctly. Ideally, let the tea steep for five minutes before removing the tea bag from the cup. If possible, the cup should be covered (e.g. with a saucer) during the steeping time. In this way you prevent the important essential oils from escaping and the effect of the fennel tea from evaporating. When you buy fennel tea at teedose.de, you get high-quality tea that is not only healthy, but also tastes great.

Fennel tea - delicious and healthy

In terms of taste, fennel tea is something special. Nevertheless, it is clear that the special aroma is not for everyone. If you prepare a fennel tea, you should make sure it is sweetened, because without a spoonful of honey or a little sugar, the tea is not really tasty for children. It not only helps babies and toddlers fall asleep, but also relieves gastrointestinal complaints, stimulates the appetite and is rich in nutrients due to the minerals and B vitamins it contains. Fennel tea is also beneficial for adults if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The essential oils ensure that the stomach muscles relax, and at the same time you can relieve other symptoms, such as cramps or flatulence. Fennel tea is also healthy for breastfeeding mothers because the baby in the womb also benefits from the relaxing effect. Another benefit for expectant mothers: fennel tea – like caraway tea, aniseed tea and nettle tea – stimulates milk production.