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Cinnamon is a spice that is used in Switzerland more during Advent and around the Christmas season. At least that's how it is in our imagination. But have you ever tried any other type of tea than chamomile when you have a cold, which can happen at any time? Nothing against chamomile tea, it always helps and is particularly valuable when you're sick, but after a few days at the latest you'll eventually have enough of it. Maybe you just don't like chamomile and are looking for a good tea that also has an antibacterial or antiviral effect, that inhibits inflammation, relieves headaches and simply increases the feel-good factor? If you buy cinnamon tea at, you may have already found your substitute for chamomile.

Cinnamon tea helps with many ailments

Apart from the fact that a cup of cinnamon tea simply tastes very good, cinnamon has other advantages in addition to the positive properties mentioned when you have a cold. For example, cinnamon lowers blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which increases the feeling of satiety. So, cinnamon tea is a good companion if you want to lose a few pounds. Overall, it helps with digestive problems. Cinnamon also stimulates blood flow. Accordingly, pregnant women should avoid cinnamon tea as it can cause the uterus to contract. Whether loose or in tea bags: Pour the cinnamon tea with freshly boiled water and let it steep according to the instructions on the packaging. Cinnamon tea is often offered as a tea blend with fruits such as oranges or apples, which further refine the aroma.