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When it's cold and dark outside and the year is coming to an end, it's time to get really comfortable inside. Advent and the Christmas season are just around the corner, and little by little the festive spirit is spreading. We set up our home in a wonderful way for Christmas, make sure that everything is beautifully lit and relax on the sofa. Preferably with an exciting book or a great film. The nibbles should not be missing, maybe a few Güetzli or delicious biscuits. And that goes with a wonderful cup of Christmas tea, which provides the perfect aromatic atmosphere and at the same time lifts the spirits and brings relaxation. Relaxation that we can all use at the end of the year.

Christmas tea sets the mood

You can buy the Christmas tea that you will find in our range in many different flavors. There is – just as an example – the Christmas Magic, the Winter Wonderland, Cinnamon Frost, the Crunchy House Tea, the Christmas Tea, the Holiday Tea and the Christkindl Herbal Tea. Many of these varieties are not only designed for Christmas itself, but of course taste great throughout the cool season. Most varieties are also available as loose tea. You can find out how long each variety should steep and whether you infuse the tea with boiling or just hot water from the information on the pack. In any case, one thing is certain: with a Christmas tea from our range, you can prepare a wonderfully aromatic winter and go on a tasteful journey of discovery.