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For centuries and millennia, chai tea has been valued in China and India for its beneficial effects - beneficial for mind and body alike. But chai is also extremely popular from an aromatic point of view. So it's no wonder that this tea has been a popular drink here in Switzerland for a long time. Chaitee has now found its place on the menus of local cafes and tea houses. Due to the diversity of its various flavors, this hot drink flatters the palate of even the most demanding tea drinker. Whether rounded off with a fruity note or with an exotic spice such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves or pepper - the tea, often mixed with milk and sugar, is an infusion drink that is gaining more and more fans and has already become a real cult drink for many Swiss people is. And not just in autumn or winter.

Chaitee: it's easy to prepare

Your chai gets the perfect seasoning if you prepare it with one third milk and two thirds tea. To achieve the ideal sweetness, it is best to add lozenge sugar, which goes perfectly with strong varieties such as chai tea. When you buy chai tea at, you have the choice between loose tea and tea bags. In order not to strain the ingredients, which are also flavor carriers, do not pour boiling water on the chai tea and only let it steep for about three minutes. If you add hot milk instead of cold, you get the best taste out of your chai. Speaking of taste: Your chai tea will be really fine if you dilute it with milk froth instead of liquid milk.