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If you buy chamomile tea at, then you know for sure what great natural powers lie dormant in chamomile. This plant, whose origins lie in Eastern and Southern Europe, is now found throughout Europe. We have known the pleasant taste of chamomile tea since childhood, often sweetened with a teaspoon of honey. Camomile tea, our parents and grandparents told us, helps against a sore throat as well as stomach ache. It combats blisters in the mouth or inflammation of the gums as well as purulent sinuses or a cold. And it helped us fall asleep when we were little – and its relaxing effects still help us sleep more peacefully today. Of course, we pass all of this on to our own children. And children like chamomile tea.

Camomile tea - it's not just about the effect

So much for health and the healthy effects of chamomile tea. Of course we adults and children love this hot drink because it exudes something pleasant; in adults, childhood memories are often awakened. When preparing, make sure to let the tea steep for eight to ten minutes. If you want to sweeten, it is best to use some honey - see above. If a sore throat is a harbinger of a cold, it is advisable to drink up to four cups of chamomile tea a day, warm, not hot. The tea is also suitable for gargling, inhaling or rinsing out. Anyone who drinks more than the recommended amount of no more than four cups per day risks becoming physically accustomed to the active ingredients in chamomile, which weakens the healing effect.