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If babies and children like to reach for a cup or bottle, then it is not unlikely that this container contains milk. Milk is probably the drink that gives little people the most pleasure. However, according to the latest scientific findings, it is not good for small children to consume too much milk; while this is important because of the calcium and other trace elements, the amount should be limited. The reason: The animal protein it contains can be the reason why the children later develop obesity. And because soda is not recommended at a young age due to its sugar content, parents are always happy when their offspring like to drink tea.

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In our range you will find a large selection of teas for babies and older children. The taste palette ranges from fennel to fruit, from herbs to raspberry, from chamomile to strawberry. The earlier you get your children used to tea, the better - for the reasons mentioned above, but also because tea can be a comforter for the soul. In addition, baby tea helps with stomach ache when the nose is runny or is just a nice drink to cuddle with smaller or older children. Many of the types of tea for children and babies that you will find in our range are designed to be suitable for children and are often interesting for your offspring for that reason alone. Thanks to the wonderful aromas, you no longer have to sweeten the tea for your child - but exceptions are of course perfectly fine if the throat is sore or the cold becomes a nuisance. Then there is absolutely nothing wrong with a small spoonful of honey.