Atma Immune protection tea bags (20 pcs)

Atma Immunschutz Teebeutel (20 Stk)
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  • Atma Immunschutz Teebeutel (20 Stk)
  • Atma Immunschutz Teebeutel (20 Stk)

Atma Immune protection tea bags (20 pcs)

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Atma Buy Immune Protection Tea Bag (20 pcs)

During the winter, your blood vessels tend to constrict. In addition, your body heat has a tendency to concentrate in the center of the body and thus the digestive system, which can lead to circulatory problems. As body heat is reduced in the outer layers of tissue, so is metabolism. This leads to buildup of toxins in the tissues and organs, which in turn makes us more susceptible to infection.

Pramati, "protection", is a plant synergy that counteracts internal congestion during the winter season.

This infusion controls Kapha so that Vāta remains unrestricted in its movement. Pitta, and to a lesser extent Vāta, can quickly become irritated if this infusion is drunk outside of the winter season.


  • Rasa (taste): pungent.
  • Guṇa (property): dry, light, and penetrating.
  • Vīrya (energy): warm.
  • Vipāka (result): spicy.


Use one sachet of pramati for 200ml of sparkling water. steep for 10 to 12 minutes. Drink one to four cups a day. If taken cold, mix the infusion with a little ripened honey (oxidized and less heavy than a young honey).


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